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10-25-2009, 12:28 AM
So I was just thinking, "How nice would it be to remote into a computer JUST booting and even be able to do BIOS changes" then I started researching Google and noticed that there is such a thing (or so it seems) it's called an IP KVM Switch.


My question is, will this, in fact, allow you to do just what I'm talking about?


WHOA... hold up. After some more research, I see that's EXACTLY what it'll do. This all brings me to another question

I have a generic 4-port KVM PS/2 Switch... why can't I actually plug in the WAN accessible 1 port KVM to my 4-port cheapy (without WAN access) and then control that (using the scroll lock + up & down) to monitor 4 computers CHEAPLY?

11-04-2009, 01:49 AM

In one of my brainstorming sessions I come across this myself, I even posted a feedback thread asking about these devices.

I believe these will be the future of mainstream repair. I found them to be very scary, just imagine when they come down in price and company's like Best Buy sell them for 50 bucks with 1 free repair session and a Live Disk. Scary the possibilities. Combine one of these KVM over IP switches with a well built Live DVD (or blu ray loaded up with all the install images's like an XP 9in1 CD) disk and imagine the possibilities.

I actually didn't want to post on this and never replied to that original thread I started. I just don't want to get the idea started. (but since your noticing the possibilities like I did, I might as well comment Im sure some corporate big wig is thinking it anyways) Imagine all they have to do is hire a tech from India or China who works on behalf of Best Buy or some other big retail giant. Charge the customer 60 bucks connect with A well trained tech center in the Philippines islands.

Its coming! I.T. Sweat shops! If they can do it with call centers, remote home repair is next. Its not "if" its "when"!

11-04-2009, 02:13 AM
Don't worry there will plenty of viruses out there which will stop these things from working ;) Although if it works at motherboard level :mad:

Still the TCP/IP equipment such as routers all need supporting. Our business is changing but I am sure we will work out ways to stay on top.

Maybe I we should give up this business and setup a food business instead?