View Full Version : Quick Advertising - Google AdWords?

07-04-2007, 11:05 AM
I am thinking about signing up with the Google AdWord deal. Pay per click. My neighbor next door does it for his Auto Detailing business and he has good results.

Anyone else here advertise computer repair with Google? Even if you paid $1.50 max per click, if you get one job it pays for it easily plus a few more.

Seems pretty smart and could bring in business quickly...

Bryce W
07-04-2007, 05:50 PM
As a person who owns a few sites I deal with it regularly. I manage some of my own campaigns as well as some of my old webdesign clients.

Google Ads are good because you dont have to pay anything until someone actually clicks your ads. However, if you dont manage you search terms right it can be very expensive.
For example, unless you are a big nationwide retailer/repair like Geeksquad its stupid to compete for the top location for the term "computer repair".

Your best bet is to go for more specific terms specific to your area (google also has the option to limit it to only showing in your state too). If you live in a town called Smallville, California you might consider:

smallville computer repair
smallville pc repair
smallville computer problems
computer repair smallville
pc repair smallville
computer problems smallville
computer repair small ville
computer technician smallville
cheap computer repair smallville

Or even more specific terms:

virus removal smallville
spyware smallville
network engineer smallville

Also, you don't necessarily have to be the top bidder for a specific term, second and third place can be just as effective.