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  1. What repair software couldnt you do business without?
  2. Free help via Phone
  3. Expand your business with social networking
  4. Start Big Or Start Small?
  5. Copyright Issue?
  6. What to Charge for a Computer Repair
  7. Selling a PC: Avoiding the Traps
  8. computer shop
  9. ideas?
  10. Start at the very bottom
  11. Selling your First PC: It could happen to you.
  12. Safety on the job: Visiting clients houses
  13. Best Protection vs. What they Understand
  14. Freelancing and Online Services
  15. The Unlikely Computer Repair
  16. Increasing Client Loyalty
  17. Starting a Computer Shop
  18. Self Employment, Salary Jobs and Job Security.
  19. Working on site
  20. Marketing your Computer Business on a small budget
  21. Insurance Liability bonded liability protection?
  22. The customer isnt always right.
  23. The cost to be the Boss?
  24. Computer Technicians 201: Expanding your market - SoHo repairs
  25. Computer Technicians 104: Making Computer Diagnoses
  26. How to Advertise your Computer Business
  27. Geek Squad Marketing: Why they get more clients than you.
  28. Interview with Robert Gail (IT Helpdesk Supervisor)
  29. Computer Maintenance Technician Salaries - USA 2006
  30. How to Handle Customers
  31. What is ITIL?
  32. Giving Discounts for Computer Repairs
  33. Building a good reputation and winning more computer clients
  34. Starting a Computer Business
  35. Linux Certification - Way to Go
  36. Starting New Business
  37. Finishing the Current Job or Being Late to the Next?
  38. Service Contracts
  39. Service contracts
  40. Windows Vista
  41. Minimum charge
  42. What do you do when your running spyware/virus removal
  43. quote & invoice software recommendations
  44. Rookie needs help with quote.
  45. Non Genuine Windows
  46. Starting own business
  47. Dropping off PC to apartment complex
  48. Warranty Support? Selling PCs?
  49. Being called a technician
  50. Hourly Rate versus Flat Rate
  51. new home based comp suport
  52. Advertising Specific Tasks (eg Virus Removal)
  53. Home based computer service
  54. Billing and Customer Tracking Software
  55. Computer Repair Business - Home Based
  56. Chatty Customer
  57. What's your ratio? residential to business customers.
  58. Computer Business Kit Input
  59. Customer Feedback/Testimonials
  60. Home Users Compared To Businesses
  61. Customer Newsletters
  62. Starting out
  63. Llc?
  64. Your Worst Customer
  65. who answers the calls
  66. Symantec Licensing.
  67. Starting Out
  68. Start your own computer business
  69. Websites?
  70. Competition?
  71. Recovery Discs
  72. Starting out with little experience
  73. Business Plans?
  74. Computing Lessons/Tuition
  75. Malware package? Good idea?
  76. What to do when the customer leaves you with their unit?
  77. Work orders & invoices
  78. Scenario: customers needs windows reinstalling but.....
  79. Becoming a m.s. partner question
  80. Business is so slow
  81. Problem customers
  82. Not charging customer.
  83. Anybody Computer Consulting Kit
  84. Customer freak at Best Buy geek squad
  85. Flyers: do they work?
  86. New advert - Opinions please before it goes into the paper
  87. Windows xp Home/ no disk to reinstall it blahhh
  88. Business Contract?
  89. I'm new and needing advice from some hardened techies!!!
  90. TV Repair VS Computer Repair
  91. Home based and accepting credit cards.
  92. PC Component uk wholesalers ?
  93. No Fix No Fee Policy
  94. what would you start an employees wage at?
  95. Recomended Wholesaler for Computer Hardware?
  96. flyer help
  97. crm & pos?
  98. Best gear for the money
  99. How do you charge?
  100. Confused about business planning, help!
  101. Excellent Excellent Excellent business Kit!
  102. Bit off more than I can chew???
  103. Windows 95,98,ME Support
  104. Freelance Web Design Don'ts
  105. What's your spyware/virus removal procedure?
  106. Antivirus software for clients (EULA)
  107. Reseller Hosting Company
  108. Accounting
  109. computer performance scoring software
  110. Get Listed as a Contractor for Work
  111. Irate Cusomers
  112. Insurance Claims--I say NO
  113. Introductory letters
  114. Can Circuit City techs legally peruse files?
  115. Ive had a crap day today..
  116. Accepting Credit Cards
  117. Steady flow of home users - now how do I get the business clients?
  118. Interesting card I got today...
  119. Windows License Question
  120. Reselling laptops
  121. One thing you'd tell a new tech
  122. Advice on a quote for SBS2003 setup
  123. Hearing "I might as well buy a new PC" more and more?
  124. Wholesalers
  125. Slogans
  126. Computer repair shop software
  127. What are your slowest months?
  128. What kind of toolbag do you have?
  129. Rates and Rates in Letters
  130. Bulk purchasing of Windows XP/Vista
  131. Liability Insurance
  132. What would you advise a PC Tech on web site content?
  133. Whats better getting a deddicated business phone or using your personal phone?
  134. maintenance contract for home users
  135. data backup methods?
  136. Maint Contracts
  137. List of deductions for IRS?
  138. Forms
  139. The first week
  140. Prices and rates
  141. Off site backup
  142. Slowest month
  143. Who do you ReSell for?
  144. Uk distributers inc. Ireland
  145. Security Auditing Paper for Technibble Kit?
  146. Reclaiming VAT or Tax in the UK
  147. Billing vs COD
  148. ADVICE!!! For anyone starting a career in IT support
  149. Received bad check, client will not answer phone!!
  150. Business Advert Advice needed please
  151. Lost a customer
  152. Is your computer repair business full time or part time?
  153. Job for a Charity
  154. Question about Job Title
  155. Kaseya - anyone built their business around it?
  156. Question about Sales
  157. Webhosting
  158. Customer Service versus Partnership
  159. About to launch! - Advise?
  160. Adding web site design service..need advice
  161. LLC or Sole Proprietor
  162. Business name
  163. Charging Structure
  164. warranty work
  165. Stock?
  166. Additional Help
  167. Online booking system?
  168. Business Card Placement
  169. Backup Devices - Promotion!
  170. Time charges
  171. Network clubs
  172. Charges for "staples"?
  173. Portable Appliance Testing
  174. How do you get most of your web design clients?
  175. Meeting up with a potential web design client. I have a lot riding on this, any tips?
  176. Getting some Brick and Mortar
  177. Question about tracking records etc.
  178. Costing for internet cafe
  179. What is the next step!
  180. Managed Services Overview
  181. How do you charge in this situation?
  182. Web Hosting Documents
  183. T&C's Document
  184. How to Price Contracts
  185. Tips (gratutities)
  186. Operating Agreement
  187. What is freelancing and why does it get people customers?
  188. Any experience with McManus UK Ltd.?
  189. Psychology of Pricing
  190. Yet another "what would you do" scenario
  191. Hmm not sure what to do (Angry Customer, My First)
  192. How can I get my business website on search engines?
  193. Percentage of OS types during service calls
  194. Whats your average time for malware removal
  195. New company?
  196. Sony VaioPCG-6J1M win't shutdown / restarts
  197. Outsourcing? What's That?
  198. System Audits
  199. How should I be charging my customers
  200. Computer Repair Statistics?
  201. Where do you buy stock/misc parts for your shop?
  202. Drop Off Location
  203. Job Attire?
  204. repair computers over the summer?
  205. New customer
  206. Started a direct mail campaign
  207. Need advice, repair gone wrong.
  208. How should I go about starting a computer business...
  209. Anyone use Commit CRM
  210. Sooo i want to quit working for myself.....
  211. Accepting credit cards at people's homes
  212. English Speaking
  213. Setting up POS
  214. Having new Advert designed, any tips ?
  215. A tip to stand out from the others
  216. Have your customers schedule you.
  217. Key Words
  218. Terms & Conditions, Terms of Service, Contracts?
  219. Is Price Comparison Legal?
  220. 2 Questions Hope someone can help
  221. Changing Invoices for Insurance Claims?
  222. If you can't do anything, at least save their files
  223. Legal Precautions For Web Designers, Hosters, And Computer Repairmen
  224. Googleing On The Job?
  225. Feedback wanted (new site)
  226. Onsite Work Order Forms
  227. Customers that are nosey, wants to know what you're doing with their computers
  228. How Do You Kill Time On Site?
  229. Build New PC - Support, Warrenty, Agreement?
  230. Web Design Prices?
  231. *HOW* Do You Charge For Web Hosting?
  232. So I have an interesting one for you all.
  233. Is a comp. repair business really worth the trouble?
  234. Firewall?
  235. Widget on website?
  236. Onsite repairs and the cost of fuel.
  237. Websites Clients
  238. How should I manage my PC repair side business
  239. Why Do You Not Include Prices?
  240. Not Using Your Business Name As Your Forum Name?
  241. Computer Garage Sale
  242. Green Computing
  243. Register for VAT.
  244. Network Setup Per Computer?
  245. Advanced Diagnostics And Tune Ups?
  246. Business Cards!
  247. One big huge network
  248. My EEEPC Laptop
  249. Job opportunity
  250. I'm back