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  1. Hummer Tax Loophole (US only)
  2. Too old at 40 ?????
  3. What is success?
  4. Considering getting MCITP or CCNA @ local community college - Is it worth it?
  5. Competitor selling up
  6. The right insurance?
  7. I don't believe I was that stupid
  8. OnForce
  9. How to deal with Dead Beats!
  10. Credit Card Charges
  11. keeping track of customers
  12. Outlook 2010 with business contact manager
  13. Anyone do corporate/business installation for Dell, HP or IBM?
  14. Anyone know of any upcoming sales for Newegg or the like?
  15. Finally starting business
  16. Better Business Bureau
  17. Providing remote services on other forums to felow forum members - need opinions
  18. Free software downloads on your website?
  19. Do you track parts?
  20. Licenses via D & H
  21. Home based printing for fliers/business cards or have it done professionally?
  22. Recycling old computer parts - Who does this and how/what do you do?
  23. Finding customers through Craigslit "forsale" postings
  24. Using short custom URL to redirect customers to regualr busniss URL (it is long)
  25. Going for CCNA Then CCNP/SP/VP IE Need suggestions for books/video
  26. Taking computer back to shop
  27. Cancelled card carrier still charging account
  28. "Christmas" Message from CS Hotline
  29. 29,30,31,1,2 your your shop opening times for these days?
  30. Another Craigslist Scam?
  31. Employer keeps lists of (and uses) client's passwords without client's knowledge
  32. Local Craigslist Computer Service Ad!
  33. Working with the Ipad
  34. about business growth. please read and comment.
  35. Tech Support Management
  36. New Year's Experiment for all technibble members
  37. Nice meeting this morning
  38. List other professions where state or federal certification or license is needed
  39. "Admin" account - do all employees share 1 account or have their own?
  40. Post Holiday Swamping
  41. Craigslist Ad #2
  42. Red flag risk assement
  43. Unusual Call - Wipe Hard Drives - Scam?
  44. Where to go next?...
  45. Recommendation for a CRM system?
  46. Benefit to Selling Residential AV
  47. Are you my competitor?
  48. Web address frustrations
  49. Pro's and Con;s of state/fed regulations in IT/IS - Tech repair
  50. Need A Software for Pos And Customer repair
  51. Question for you Techs
  52. What skills to I need to build to support small businesses?
  53. What components do you all use?
  54. I am in need of a skilled web development partner for a few projects
  55. Flea Market
  56. Is there a market for $5,000-$10,000 systems? (home/office/gaming/whatever?)
  57. My Multi-Part Workorder Form (member requested)
  58. How here is an avid collector if images/thumnails/clipart for web pages?
  59. Solution for business/personal cell usage?
  60. Threads Read
  61. Computer Business Kit
  62. Maryland Sales Tax Clarification
  63. PC Maintenance Agreement
  64. OnForce booted techs from their forums en masse
  65. Do you have a Mobile website
  66. Virus Removal & Tune Up
  67. What's the title on your business card?
  68. Anyone know any Intrust Domain Coupon codes?
  69. Hackintoshing What part of this is illegal?
  70. On Site Electronic Paper Work
  71. Stocking A Store
  72. Anyone ever find RAT's on customer's machines?
  73. contacting competitors
  74. Virus/Spyware Removal Pricing and Procedure?
  75. Charging Friends & Family?
  76. Opening a conference \ training facility...need advise...
  77. Viral/Trojan RATS used in an non suspicious nature?
  78. PCRT Rocks!
  79. Good tool to split 75 gigs into 4.7 GB isos / folders?
  80. What business expenses do YOU Deduct?
  81. Lessons Learned
  82. Customer bennies
  83. reports for insurance claims
  84. Tools of the trade...
  85. Cancel VISA or Not - Use PayPal Instead?
  86. O/S preinstalled on PC's?
  87. Switched internet providers
  88. Need advice - Anyone ever buy or sell customr lists?
  89. CTG & Others: Might want to check this out
  90. Should I change my trade name (dba)?
  91. CL Employment ad is fake. What Percentage would you say are fraudulent?
  92. recurring revenue ideas for business support
  93. Computer Repair Tracker
  94. Buddy a pizza tech?
  95. Domain names
  96. Buying Domain Name
  97. Custom Configurator
  98. Customer wants me to copy part of a website.
  99. PCRT Help with Pictures
  100. Protecting Home Based Business From Break-Ins
  101. Who here services Mac's?
  102. Does PayPal credit card processing require a payPal business account?
  103. Business Location advice needed - Center of town or shopping center on outskirt?
  104. Determining rates based on total yearly personal and shop expenses - need input
  105. form when buying from a customer
  106. School district support & large scale system roll-outs
  107. Anyone service electronics (Plasma's, LCD's, Projections..) in addition 2 PC's?
  108. Free Email Server Software Recommendation?
  109. What commission do you offer for consistent referrals?
  110. People coming to your house
  111. Hourly Rates
  112. What am I going to Need?
  113. Invoicing From BlackBerry 9700 Bold
  114. Business name advice
  115. Answering the Phones
  116. Licensing War Erupts On Craigslist..."Pizza Techs" Upset!
  117. Forum Category Suggestions
  118. How to price yearly maintenance contract
  119. How to price for block prepaid hours?
  120. Antivirus for Windows Server 2003
  121. re: workshop broken into - Emergency Recovery Fund idea
  122. best software to track clients
  123. Bill email replies
  124. Please advise about how to hire subcontractors
  125. Lohhin of every call/mail/etc
  126. Is anyone here a sales rep/manufacturer rep for any product (computer or not)
  127. Need suppliers for my business
  128. Security Cams - Outside Building, Inside or Both
  129. Florida Techs
  130. Starting the Biz
  131. Business Success is related to FEAR.
  132. Job management Iphone Apps
  133. Dealing with Small Businesses
  134. Thinking of getting shop manager....
  135. Broken Lid/Hinge on Dell Inspiron 6400 - What Would You Do?
  136. another customer tracking question
  137. Quickbook users.....
  138. What would you charge this customer after all this work!
  139. I need a good color laser printer - what about a refurbished Dell?
  140. Do I need any permit to Upload my Web Page?
  141. Sick days
  142. Trouble Starting out
  143. Need help finding Zoneing/Buisness laws
  144. Client Repair Status Software
  145. Charging for Diagnostic Fee
  146. Forms for accepting equipment (gifts) from clients.
  147. Do You Use A Mail In Recycler?
  148. Software for self Check in of jobs
  149. Computer Service Software?
  150. management software
  151. Phone app to keep track of check/check card balance & purchases?
  152. Question about Domain ownership & leasing usage of domain to customer
  153. Carbonite problems on the restore side of process
  154. Does anyone add a "support" folder on customer's computers?
  155. Tax [Cringe!]
  156. Forward Calls
  157. Selling Used Systems, and support.
  158. Square Up
  159. Unbranded cases
  160. Has any one done work with elance or other out source websites
  161. Anyone else have problems when working with Barrister?
  162. Paperwork Question.
  163. Providing IT for a non-profit
  164. New Tech Businesses - Free MDSN - join Microsoft BizSpark
  165. Does anyone use Limited Power of Attorney letters for clients?
  166. Is your IT Business Providing a wage or making a profit?
  167. How long warranty?
  168. Does any one know where i can get an iPhone parts supplier
  169. Combing food with computers.
  170. future business ! storefront
  171. Square drops fee
  172. Cold Calling Small Business Owners
  173. Free advertising pages like MerchantCircle - What others are there?
  174. CompTIA looking for networking pros for upcoming paid $$$ Network+ workshop
  175. using "I" or "we" as a 1 man shop
  176. How to handle people that don't understand office costs money?
  177. Thinking about just doing data recovery
  178. Tracking Tag for Customers Computers
  179. What free backup utilities do you use?
  180. What would you do if competitor was using workers on disability to build business?
  181. Free Giveaway, Beta Hello Bar!
  182. Masters in IT
  183. Procedures/prices for a startup shop
  184. The Opportunity To Start A small Business
  185. techinsurance.com
  186. Whitebox laptops
  187. Starting Business out of a home
  188. Anyone have business card layout template (Avery 8371)?
  189. Legal issues of licenses on AVG etc.
  190. PC Repair Shop owners!
  191. ATTN Newegg customers - Check items against invoice
  192. What number(s) for business cards/ads? Should I just use my Google Voice number?
  193. LMGTFY - isn't as cool as some think
  194. Extended Warranties - Long discussion about how to use them
  195. National Tech service/warranty companies like Onforce, Barrister, Captovis, etc
  196. Another client on deck.
  197. Thinking about investing in an office/invoice/CRM solution
  198. Web based time clock
  199. Is there really no better way of downloading up to date microsoft products?
  200. Question about doing "outsource" work:
  201. What are the concerns when selling used computers
  202. US trademark law
  203. Sole operators How many Hours PD/Days PW do you work?
  204. Windows Background
  205. Bidding on Government Contracts
  206. Paranoid clients
  207. Running my website inhouse
  208. Educational resources to help you with your business
  209. Khakis or Jeans?
  210. Help with new business manegment software
  211. weird but helpful
  212. Retail Packaging
  213. Free CRM for customer & job tracking
  214. Workshop running costs
  215. Small Business Network setup and free tech Support
  216. Buying computers in Bulk (off lease)
  217. Asset tracking FOR customers
  218. Security/Encryption requirements for Psycians & Attorney's offices. Who know what?
  219. Dealing with customers who just won't listen to your answers - What do you do?
  220. Business License Problem!
  221. Fire
  222. Advice on a carry on bag
  223. Backup Service
  224. Scam laptop repair
  225. Opertunity to buy another company.
  226. T&Cs for Self-Employed
  227. vTiger - link tickets with sales
  228. Site for Invoices
  229. Recommended Insurance for New Business?
  230. How to set up financial problems in starting a computer repair business.
  231. Marketing/Sales Rep
  232. Computer business startup update
  233. PC Repair Tracker Question?
  234. Shop Manager Software
  235. Seperate name for business-oriented support
  236. Inventory Estate
  237. How do they get away with this?
  238. Please Help! What do you think of my new website?
  239. Ink cartridge refill add on business?
  240. Customer Service: Common Sense Advice That Is Not Commonly Applied
  241. All or nothing.
  242. Need a refurb supplier on the East Coast
  243. OK I am open for buisness
  244. Free Estimates, How do you do it?
  245. Taxes and Going Legitimate -- Where to start?
  246. Do I need to be a Legal Entity?
  247. COA Issues
  248. Cheap, hosted apps to manage your business
  249. Free web based invoicing software
  250. Texas Sales Taxes