Fake Windows Blue Edition

by Lee

There is an online auction scheme going on that sells fake Windows XP softwares. The name of the fake software is Blue edition and the auction sites that sells these items include eBay.

“These dealers are peddling bogus products that can put customers and their personal information at serious risk,” said the associate general counsel for Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting at Microsoft.

Microsoft notes that customers should look for a Certificate of Authenticity. when buying their software.

Source: ChannelWeb

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Comments (2)

  • Jeremy says:

    “Microsoft notes that customers should look for a Certificate of Authenticity when buying their software.”

    That should be a trick since I’m 100% sure they just show a generic XP box on the auction site. How exactly are you supposed to check for the certificate without purchasing it first?

  • PJ says:

    Gets a Tattoo Special Going for people that fall for this… Free Bold Letter ” Gullible”
    On your Forehead!