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Fabs Autobackup 4 TechFabs Autobackup is a small, portable application that makes backing up and restoring your clients data incredibly easy.

It will backup pretty much anything your client would want backed up such as their My Documents folder, browser favorites, emails, address books and more to a location of your choice. I personally use it to back up my clients data to a USB hard drive, plug it into the new machine, hit restore and all the data and settings are back where they should be without all the manual work. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Fabrice, the maker of Fabs Autobackup, is a Computer Technician himself so he definitely understands what it is like for us. He is frequently adding new features to the product that Technibble members have recommended.

So Whats Is Fabs Autobackup 4 Tech Capable of?

Personal folders:

  • User’s Windows Desktop
  • Quick launch toolbar
  • Desktop’s wallpaper
  • My Documents folder (without My Pictures, My Music and My Videos folders which are backed-up separately).
  • My Pictures folder
  • My Music folder
  • My Videos folder


Web browsers:

  • Windows Internet Explorer favourites
  • Windows Internet Explorer main start page
  • Google Chrome profile
  • Chromium bowser profile
  • Apple Safari profile
  • Opera (Web browser and email client)
  • Firefox settings : bookmarks, extensions (tested with AdBlock Plus and LogMeIn plug-in)
  • AOL data and settings (experimental)



  • Outlook Express messages and settings (mail accounts, rules…)
  • Microsoft Office Outlook PST/OST files (messages, address book and calendar are stored in)
  • Windows Messaging profiles (for experts, contains accounts, Outlook PST/OST files locations…)
  • Outlook signatures files
  • Outlook.nk2 file (contains the A field history)
  • Windows Mail messages and settings
  • Windows Live Mail messages and settings
  • Windows Address book, used by outlook Express or Windows Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird messages and settings
  • IncrediMail messages and settings



  • Screen saver settings (enabled or not, password protected or not, time to wait before it shows up)
  • Windows Vista’s calendar
  • Windows Live Messenger (Note : Windows Live ID is not restored but files are).
  • Skype data and settings
  • Windows Sidebar’s Gadgets (installed by user)
  • Windows Vista/7 Downloads folder
  • Intuit QuickBooks data (experimental)
  • NCH ExpressInvoice data (experimental)
  • Picasa (albums and database)
  • Trillian Astra data and settings



  • Shared Documents folder
  • System fonts (useful if you installed fonts unbundled with Windows or your software)
  • Microsoft Office activation files (XP/2003/2007)
  • Modem parameters (rasphone.pbk file), except credentials
  • User defined additional files
  • User defined additional folders


Instantly Downloadable

Being that it is a digital product, the download is almost instant once the payment approves.

Awesome Licensing

Fabrice knows how annoying draconian software licensing can be, especially when you have to register software on every computer you use it on. Once you have the executable, thats it. Throw it on your USB drive and you can use it on any computer.

Also, the license is not limited. One license is valid for ALL your companies technicians.


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