eBay Scammers

by Lee

Unpatched Firefox and Internet Explorer versions are being exploited by eBay scammers according to an article at The Register.

Firefox security volunteers are working on patching the vulnerability but Microsoft officials say that there is nothing wrong with Internet Explorer. It is just that websites fail to protect themselves from this kind of attack.

A random number generator is included in the attack which changes the item number in the auction every tine the page was loaded.

Source: The Register

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  • Jim says:

    Just like some of comments in the original article point out, and just like Microsoft points out, this is not a browser issue. It’s a website issue. ebay is allowing the “seller” to create pages with css files hosted on 3rd party sites. The browser isn’t meant to prohibit a website from using such css files. There could be legit reasons for having a webpage use css files that are hosted elsewhere. This is an ebay problem.