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Dropbox Portable AHK is a portable version of Dropbox made possible with a small application written in the scripting language AutoHotKey. While this is not a repair tool, there are a huge amount of technicians who make use of Dropbox to access files while onsite. This application allows you to run Dropbox from a USB drive and sync files that are contained on your Dropbox account. Other than the obvious benefit of being able to access your Dropbox files on your USB key, it doesn’t leave any files on your clients computers and can be run when you don’t have administrator permissions.

The setup application itself has some nice features such as allowing you to create an autorun.inf file to automatically start software on your USB drive, import the Dropbox folder and optionally make it so the application syncs all files before you exit Dropbox.

One caveat is that this software uses Dropbox version 1.1.45 which is an older version. The reason why they use an older version is because newer versions encrypt their configuration files which prevents this application from changing the Dropbox path to your USB drive.

To install DropboxPortableAHK, download and extract the zip file to your USB key, run the DropboxPortableAHK.exe file and follow the prompts.


DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable
DropBox Portable


Download from Official Site – 1.4mb

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  • Phillip says:

    Very nice! I will be putting this to use today….. thanks!

  • Evl says:

    Nice, but i think about CarotDav, multiplatform (dropbox, gdrive, box, sugar, personal webdav etc.), portable, light and easy to use.


  • Chemical says:

    +1 to CarotDav. A portable dropbox setup <20 seconds on my flash drive.

  • TheTechnician says:

    A very useful thing.Now it will be easier and more efficient to put and take files from the cloud.

  • PCtutorials.info says:

    A great thing for Dropbox to do.It’s going to be practical to keep dropbox on usb.

  • Xander says:

    I may be in the minority of those who -don’t- want to carry all their Dropbox contents with them. At least on my PCs, they’re in secure locations and have passwords on them. If I lose my keychain, there’s nothing in this setup to protect my documents from being viewed.
    If you’re going to do this, look into pairing it with Truecrypt.

  • tucsoncomputer says:

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  • Max says: