Technibble frequently mentions products and services on the site in various ways. Some times its a full blown review and sometimes it is just a passing comment. The purpose of this page is to clarify any relationships or benefits we might gain from those references.


  • We do not accept payment to review a product or service
  • We often get a free copy of a product or service for reviewing purposes, but this does not affect the review in any way
  • For any link to a product, whether it is a full review, a formal recommendation, a link in an article or just a passing comment – the owner of the site may be paid a commission if you purchase that product or service. However, this does not increase the price that you pay for the product or service. In fact, more often than not it will decrease the amount you pay since we often get special deals for Technibble readers

We try to make sure that our evaluation of a product or service has nothing to do with whether or not we get it for free or the owner of the site may make a commission out of it. In most cases we will hear about a product and see if we can obtain a review copy. We will then review the product or service and determine whether we (the reviewers) would use/buy this product ourselves and if we would, only then we would recommend it to our readers. Only then will we investigate whether there is a revenue opportunity in the form of an affiliate program or something similar.

To help prevent a conflict of interest, the person reviewing the product will usually not be the person who benefits if a reader buys the product. The writer will only be paid their normal rate for writing regardless of whether it was a negative or positive review of the product.

Disclosures and Relationships

Some of the websites, products or services we mention on this website may be our friends or business acquaintances. Our relationship with them may mean that I evaluate their products or services sooner than others, but doesn’t affect the evaluation itself of whether or not to mention their product. Each product, regardless of what it is or who its coming from is based on our own opinion of its merits.

Everything we are an affiliate for we do so because we recommend them and like their product or service. We wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t like them ourselves.


Technibble is partially supported by the money it makes from advertisers. Our running costs per year are high for a site of this size (Just shy of $10,000 USD in 2013) and advertisers help pay the bills. The advertisers products will always be heavily targeted towards computer technicians (and no “Spank the monkey” game ads, weight loss etc..). The only exception to this is the Google Adsense locations. These target ads based on your interests that Google knows about. For example, if you were looking up Fishing products, the ads might be for fishing products. If you don’t have a Google account, it’ll base the ad off the content of the page, which should be computer technician related. While we ban many types of ads from showing here (Casinos, gambling, weight loss etc..), we have less control on what shows up.


The Technibble forums make use of a service called Viglink which rewrites links to online stores to become affiliate links. If someone links to a product on Amazon for example, what that person links to remains the same (as well as the price) and but an affiliate tag is added onto the end of the URL saying the link came from Technibble. Viglink allows us to cover some server costs caused by the forums, in an unobtrusive way without the need to add more banner advertisements. If you do not like this on the forums, you may opt-out of it here.