Dell Buyer Rejects Windows

by Lee

A PC user asked for a refund on Windows Vista after he bought a Dell computer that is built with the operating system.

“Have you ever actually read the Microsoft Windows End User License Agreement? It’s pretty scary what you commit yourself to. If you buy Dell, then as soon as you start Windows then you agree to a second set of scary software terms. So reject them,” he said on his blog.

It took 14 email exchanges with Dell until he got his money back. The time that it took was two months.

Source: The Register

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Lee is a computer enthusiast and technology writer.

Comments (3)

  • gunslinger says:

    I think I’ll start doing this on new customer PCs from now on. They end up with a free OS, and more money. Its a win, win situation.

  • mark says:

    I love stories like this, someone with no life deliberately buys a Dell with Windows knowing exactly what he was getting then he has a s###* fit about it, making a big deal about the EULA. Of course you can buy a Dell with Ubuntu if you want to begin with but this looser decided he wanted the publicity. If its worth that much of his time hes clearly either a trust fund baby or a welfare recipient since he apparently has little else to do.

  • David Lin says:

    Don’t care Windows OS, another OS can use better.