Customer Reaction on No FireWire

by Lee

Many Apple customers were not happy upon learning that the new Macbooks will not have FireWire.

Some of the comments include, “Apple really screwed up with no FireWire port” and “No MacBook with [FireWire] — no new MacBook for me.”

FireWire is an interface and data transfer specification which can process much faster than a USB. Steve Jobs described them in 1999 that, “Think of FireWire as USB, but rather than running at 12Mbit/sec., it’s running at 400Mbit/sec.”

Apple has not respond to comment on users’ reactions about not including FireWire on most new Macbook models.


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Lee is a computer enthusiast and technology writer.

Comments (8)

  • Dracken says:

    I think the biggest problem with not having a firewire port is the lack of target disk mode feature. That feature comes in very handy when you need to transfer files from one machine to another. Without an expansion card slot, there is no way to add the port at all to the machine. I just can’t imagine that it would cost that much more to have the firewire port built onto the logic board.

  • gunslinger says:

    As I said in my youtube videos on the subject: I think with the new Macbooks Apple took two or three steps forward and a few steps back.

    The new metal case, bump up in specs, LED screen, backlit keyboard, all great things.

    The black keys, black borders on the screen, complete lack of firewire on the Macbook….What the hell was Apple thinking?

    I’ll be keeping my old style Macbook for a while. Apple still has the best OS there is.

  • Dracken says:

    I like the keyboard and black border on the screen. But with the aluminum case it just scratches way to easy.

  • Hank says:

    I can understand the lack of Firewire to a degree on the Macbooks based on the intedned market however I think the Pro series should without question have atleast one Firewire port.

  • gunslinger says:


    the Macbook Pro still has firewire 800. Its the Macbook that no longer has its firewire 400 port.

  • Hank says:

    Yes I did look that up shortly after as I couldn’t remember at the time I wrote that. The point was the same that I don’t see much of a problem with it being missing from the Macbook. I agree that there was no need to remove it and why couldn’t they have it on the Macbooks which are the same size as the Pros which do have it as we already know the space and board layout would allow for it. I am still not offended or upset that its not there on them as if it was a feature I wanted then I am more likely to be looking at the Pro series anyways.

  • Even though I am a mac user I have no issue with this. Standardization is a good thing :D

    But I probably have a different perspective on this since I am a recent mac user as of 9 months ago.

  • iPod says:

    Personally I’m not really too bothered about losing out on firewire. All my peripherals use USB connections.

    The one thing it would be useful for is large file transfers to an external harddrive.