Computer Maintenance Technician Salaries – USA 2006

Thinking about becoming a Computer Maintenance Technician or don’t think you are getting paid what you are worth? Here is a handy chart of the average salary for Computer Technicians in each American state.

First of all, let’s define what a Computer Maintenance Technician actually does. A PC Maintenance Technician will analyze, maintain, troubleshoot and repair computer systems, hardware and computer peripherals. They will also maintain, upgrade and replace software and hardware systems.

This salary chart has been divided into various levels of employment positions which are each defined as.

Entry Level:
Someone who has 0-3 years experience, relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform their job and does not typically require the exercising of independent judgment.

Mid Level:
Someone who has 2-5 years experience, relies on judgment and limited experience perform their job.

Senior Level:
Someone who has at least 4 years experience, relies on judgment and experience perform their job. They may also be in charge of others.

State/City Entry Level Mid Level Senior Level
Alabama – Montgomery $38,669 $47,410 $51,334
Alaska – Juneau $48,537 $59,508 $64,433
Arizona – Phoenix $41,413 $50,774 $54,976
Arkansas – Little Rock $38,075 $46,682 $50,546
California – Los Angeles $46,833 $57,420 $62,172
Colorado – Denver $43,409 $53,221 $57,626
Connecticut – Hartford $45,471 $55,749 $60,363
Delaware – Wilmington $43,814 $53,718 $58,164
DC – Washington $44,018 $53,968 $58,434
Florida – Tallahassee $39,328 $48,218 $52,208
Georgia – Atlanta $41,612 $51,018 $55,240
Hawaii – Honolulu $45,735 $56,073 $60,714
Idaho – Boise $39,806 $48,804 $52,843
Illinois – Springfield $40,710 $49,912 $54,043
Indiana – Indianapolis $41,359 $50,708 $54,904
Iowa – Des Moines $40,233 $49,328 $53,410
Kansas – Topeka $39,323 $48,212 $52,202
Kentucky – Frankfort $38,927 $47,726 $51,676
Louisiana – Baton Rouge $40,490 $49,642 $53,751
Maine – Portland $40,169 $49,249 $53,325
Maryland – Baltimore $42,396 $51,979 $56,281
Massachusetts – Boston $46,331 $56,804 $61,505
Michigan – Lansing $43,465 $53,290 $57,701
Minnesota – Minneapolis $43,841 $53,751 $58,119
Mississippi – Jackson $38,453 $47,145 $51,047
Missouri – St Louis $42,142 $51,667 $55,944
Montana – Helena $39,862 $48,873 $52,918
Nebraska – Lincoln $38, 513 $47,219 $51,127
Nevada – Carson City $41,734 $51,167 $55,402
N. Hampshire – Concord $41,987 $51,478 $55,738
New Jersey – Trenton $46,306 $56,773 $61,472
New Mexico – Santa Fe $39,575 $48,521 $52,537
New York – New York $49,035 $60,119 $65,094
North Carolina – Raleigh $41,154 $50,457 $54,633
North Dakota – Bismarck $38,298 $46,955 $50,841
Ohio – Columbus $41,291 $50,624 $54,814
Oklahoma – Oklahoma City $38,688 $47,433 $51,358
Oregon – Salem $41,377 $50,730 $54,928
Pennsylvania – Harrisburg $41,326 $50,668 $54,861
Rhode Island – Providence $42,772 $52,440 $56,780
South Carolina – Columbia $39,859 $48,868 $52,913
South Dakota – Pierre $36,840 $45,168 $48,906
Tennessee – Nashville $39,723 $48,702 $52,733
Texas – Austin $40,537 $49,701 $53,814
Utah – Salt Lake City $43,314 $49,426 $53,517
Vermont – Burlington $40,753 $49,965 $54,100
Virginia – Richmond $41,109 $50,401 $54,573
Washington – Olympia $43,191 $52,955 $57,337
West Virginia – Charleston $39,446 $48,363 $52,365
Wisconsin – Madison $41,563 $50,959 $55,176
Wyoming – Cheyenne $38,063 $46,667 $50,530

Bryce Whitty

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Bryce Whitty
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Bryce is an Australian computer technician and the founder of Technibble. He started his computer repair business when he was 17 years old and is still running it 9 years later. He is an avid traveller and spends at least a month of the year in another country.

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  • VIJAY PATEL says:


  • Ben says:

    Try Working in Retail say for Harvey’s in australia.. you might as well work for McDonalds flipping burgers.

  • Flextech says:

    Yeah, I know I don’t make that kinda money as a tech. I work freelance but still…..

    At the last retail shop I was working at I probably would have made more working at The Gap or something.

    I guess people want awesome service for free :)

  • Tony says:

    This is an older topic, but I have to ask where these were taken from. I’m about 100 miles from Austin, and the average starting “salary” for PC techs is 7/hr. Max around here is about 9/hr unless you run your own place. If you work for a big company, you can get between 20 and 30K.

    Teachers start off at 35-37K around here. A teacher’s salary is heaven compared to a PC techs.

    As the poster above me stated, working at a chain retail sales usually nets higher pay. Grocery store clerks start off at higher pays, and the local UPS pays up to 12/hr for box movers.

    Maybe I’m just in a bad area, but it’s hard to imagine it being too different in other places, especially double the pay.

  • colton says:

    I’m thinking of becoming a comp. tech in kentucky do you think it will be worth it or should i choose another way to go about my life???

  • zuchero says:

    Well i think that being a opens many more doors and room to grow rather than a grocery store clerk. If you are certified you can be a Help Desk Tech which i believe pays more than a PC repair tech. It all comes down to Experience for higher pay.

  • Sumesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    now I m looking for a job in USA virginia as one of my relative also live there getting green card. I m looking for IT job. i have subimitted my CV here.

  • ESS says:

    Dear Sir,

    I Have been in the computer feild as a pc repair technician for over 20 years, trust me i have worked in more than one country and a lot of companies and discovered one common fault with me and all the technicians i knew we all end up without money, and no future plans, Why? i don’t know, so i would recomend another feild for example a real estate broker salesman would bring big earnings and a better future without A+ MSCE garbage and at the end a shop clerk is happier and fresh. Think Twice

  • Scott says:

    A good salary can be had in the computer repair industry, but you have to work your ass off. You have to be experienced and work on everyones computer. You have to be able to service everything. Not just PC’s. You have to service Apples, all laptops, and servers. You better be able to work on 3 machines at a time not just watching progress bars and working on one machine. A 9 to 5 job wont pay much, but if you have a full time service on the side as I do and you are working 80 hours a week, you can pull a 6 figure salary. But it is exhausting work. The one thing to keep in mind is that when service is slow, and you will have slow days, you should be re-furbishing machines for re-sale, and know how to deal with local recyclers for cheap computers and parts.

    I have been a bench electronics tech for 20 years and a computer tech for 10 years. I work holidays, weekends. A day off, whats that? In the beginning an inexperience tech will not get a lot of work. The problem is there is so many inexperienced people that are working on computers. If you can hold out in the beginning and slowly build up your knowledge and experience the work will come to you, because you will shine above all the other inexperience that is out there.

  • jhimer says:

    is this available until now??
    cause the date is not updated still 2006..

  • Kimberly says:

    That was heart breaking new.

    Maybe I need to change my career field.

  • Luke Larosa says:

    […] – Computer Maintenance Technician Salaries – USA 2006 | Technibble… The Mark IX Condominium at Breckenridge islocated 3/4 Mile from Main Street, with an hourly Summit Stage stop at the end of the driveway. read more at […]