Computer keeps restarting without warning

Your clients or even your own computer may keep restarting for no reason without warning. First of all, when a computer keeps rebooting it can be caused by a wide range of problems, from incompatable software such as Firewalls and Antivirus software, damaged or overheating parts inside your computer or even incompatable peripherals such as printers and scanners. Here are some computer repair tips to help you diagnose the problem.

When a reboot occurs from within Windows XP, your computer will totally restart without telling you what caused it. This is the default behavior when Windows XP encounters a system failure.

To see what the error was you can change the default behavior by right clicking on “My Computer” and choosing “Properties”. Goto the “Advanced” Tab and under “Startup and Recovery” press the “Settings” button.

Under the “System Failure” box there will be a checkbox saying “Automatically Restart”. Untick this box and click Ok.

Next time the system has a failure it will show the Windows error blue screen (also known as BSOD, Blue Screen of Death) and it will have an error code, grab a piece of paper and write this code down.

It may look something like this: Stop 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

You can view our easy to read stop error troubleshooting guide or you can search Google for the stop error or search the Microsofts Knowlege Base to find out what this code means (its a bit technical though) and possibly find out a fix.

You can also check to see why your computer had a failure by checking the Events log for error messages. You can see the Event Viewer by going to Run and type “eventvwr”.

Another cause for random reboots is that the computers processor is getting too hot. To check this, enter the computers bios during boot (usually by pressing Delete, F1 or F10 when the computer just starts) and there will be an option about the computers temperature (often under “PC Health”).

This should show you the current temperature of the computer and the emergency shutdown temperature. The emergency shutdown temperature is a safeguard for when your computer gets too hot it will shut itself down to prevent damage.

You can either raise the shutdown temperature or switch it off completely, however be warned that you may damage your computer (or the clients) if the computer gets too hot. If the temperature was causing the reboots then you should consider getting better cooling for the computer such as more powerful CPU fans and more case fans.

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Bryce Whitty
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Bryce is an Australian computer technician and the founder of Technibble. He started his computer repair business when he was 17 years old and is still running it 9 years later. He is an avid traveller and spends at least a month of the year in another country.

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  • andrew says:

    Thanks so much for your advice, but my computer stills restarts everytime i try to start the registry. i think i have an advanced type spyware running on my computer that cant even be detected by antispyware,or what do you think?

  • Jesse says:

    Well mine is much more complicated, I cannot run a virus or spyware scan without it shutting down and I have recently noticed a folder in my c directory named “copy of windows”. Ihas 3 sub folders as follows 1)mbsa 2)media player 3) startup inspector this one says by Igor Pavlov. The folder says it was created the day I installed Windows xp, 4-26-05 and frankly I do not remember ever seeing this before. Before i can restart I have to wait a few minutes. All my drives checked out okay, the cpu is fine, either someone has hacked into my pc or maybe my power supply is going, but usually a good sign for that is I cannot use my cd burner to burn a cd which in the past would cause the pc to freeze, hence not enough power, but I burned some cd’s last week and this has been happening for over a month, except for the last 3 weeks it has gotten worse. Any ideas on this extra directory?

    I hate XP, 98 I knew and could fix, but XP drives me crazy! I am ready to call Microsoft.

    One other note, the last auto virus scan I had on record was 2-8-07 and my system restore only goes back that far now, it used to go back further! Help, ready to toss my pc. Thank god for my laptop!

  • A L Rodriguez says:

    Your problem can be caused by a bad memory.Or if you upgraded your memory recently make sure your motherboard can handle the memory you installed last.Some computers require memory to be installed in pairs.two 256s or two 512s.i had the same problem with my HP desktop.I had one 256 and one 512.I removed one and that solved the problem

  • aris says:

    my pc restarts after around 30secs after i reached desktop. I am able to continue in safe mode and it doesn’t restart anymore.

    in this case? what could be the cause of the problem? is it a hardware or software issue?


  • Devon says:

    I have been experiencing the same problem as Aris, my computer will startup every day, run for a while, and for no apparent reason, with no warning or any files being opened or altered, the computer restarts, I log back in, and it restarts, usually does this 3 times, then runs for a while until the next random reboot.

  • Steven McKay says:

    Some of you guys should either try taking out one of your memory sticks or else buy a new PSU.

    I’ve been having the same problem with restarts, but mine started when I installed the latest Nvidia drivers, and now I can’t get it to stop even after rolling back to an older driver.

  • Bob says:

    Check the wiring on the power on LED and reset buttons if you toggle them and the cpu fan begins to run then your wires are at fault and you will need a new computer case. It happened to me after I had tried almost everything else. You cannot just replace the switches the whole case needs to be replaced but they are cheap and maybe even get a new power supply, they can be had for less than fifty dollars.

  • John says:

    I was given a great little PC w/XP but when I turn it on, it will continue rebooting after desk top just shows up. It will do this automatically all day until I turn it off. I am not able to get to any programs…I have checked all connections. It only has one memory stick…a 256…John in payson, AZ

  • tony says:

    ok i went to RUN and typed ‘eventvwr”
    BUT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANY THING da report sayin…. helpppppppp plz

  • Henke says:

    My PC is acting really strange, I’ve not replaced anything on my PC for ages but now for no reason a couple of weeks back its started restarting itself every couple of hours.
    Now it acts like its restarting ie. programs shut down and the XP tune plays but the screen stays as if it didn’t do a thing.

    Please help….

  • David says:

    I had some rolling blackouts yesterday while i was running my desktop. When I tried to turn it on after the blackouts were over, it would get to the XP loading screen(the one w/ the bar going across), and reboot. It keeps doing this and always reboots at the exact same place. I don’t know if my HDD is fried, or if windows just has some corrupt files. Is there any hints that could lead me to the problem? One of my co-workers also said it could be my power supply, but I’m thinking that if it created a short in my power supply, it wouldn’t reboot at the exact same point every time.

    Also, if it is my windows that is corrupted, is there any way to install windows again w/o losing all my information/installed programs?

  • jeff says:

    I have 2 computers now that keep restarting. i get to the blue windows screen and and it reboots. it will not boot in safe mode or any other type of mode. I know it is not any hardware problem. it got to be a software problem. on both comps before this problem started. i updated AVG, Adaware, and SuperAntiSpyware. So there have to be Issues with one of these programs. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated.


  • Dan says:

    Hi i have a new computer and it keeps restarting before the monitor even turns on. I have tryed it with a differant power supply does then same changed the graphics cards and still the same and the ram..PLEASE help its urgent to get this computer working..

    Will be much appreciated !!!

  • Min says:

    My computer keeps restarting it loads to desktop and it restarts so how do i fix that problem?

  • john says:

    hi some off you sounds like you are over heating open the case and see if there is loads of dust also check all case vents if there is dust get a hoover and clean all parts however do NOT touch and parts instide the computer this may cause a static charge and totaly kill you computer if it is done right it may solve the problem as dust traps heat ,it can not escape, is this works also try to get better cooling, add a fan or two or get better cpu fan if it is overheating

    hope it helps

  • john says:

    hi Jeff if you can not evan boot insafe mode then there is only one action to do and that is a full format. Sadley this will wipe everything off your hard drive and you will have to re-install your OS but it should solve your problem

  • john says:

    Hi Dan your problem is a bit more difficult to do as it sounds like you need a new motherboard look on the internet some are not too badley priced but it sound like you need it

  • cahit says:

    0X0000008e 0XC0000005 0X805B0E09 0XAA4CCC1C 0X00000000

    i found this error on the blue screen please help me

  • Meg says:

    My computer is restarting it’s self and everytime I try and turn off the automatic restart it reboots before I can get to it. I think it has something to do with an antivirus program that is outdated. But even when I go to the control panel and try to delete it, it reboots itself, it’s almost like it freezes until it reboots or something.

    I need help I have no Idea what to do next.

  • BIJENDR says:

    I have solved my problem by your help and i am very much thanks from my side.

  • TheMissingNTLDR says:

    “shutdown -a” on the run command (without quotes) will stop the computer from automatically rebooting as well!!

  • jasperdj says:

    At first download avg, if you can’t perform a scan. Then what you could to take your harddisk out put in another computer and run avg on that harddisk ;)

  • tom says:

    hi,i have a computer it keep bringing me to the window blue screen and restarting whenever i am in the middle of a game…..i thought it is cause by over heating…but when i left my com case open..with a fan blowing into the cpu….and try playing game agin…the same problem occur….so is there anyone out there who have a solution to this problem….?it would be great help

  • marie says:

    hi i got the bebo virus on my computer last week and now when i turn it on it says unable to open windows file corrupted and then restarts itself and just gets to the same stage each time i switch it on be grateful for any help on how to fix this thanks

  • Matt says:

    Thank you for the help found out what my problem was right away.

    I am running Windows XP Home Edition and this was my error:

    0x0000004E (0x00000099, 0x000BF196, 0x00000007, 0x00000000)

    Problem: Bad RAM

    Easy fix

  • Ronnie says:

    I have an issue! My computer keeps rebooting. I bought new memory and it still reboots. I leave it off for a few days and it goes all the way up to the Windows XP password to logon and when I enter PLEASE HELP!!

  • Jack says:

    What happens for me is that I run a program called San Andreas:Multi Player(its a multi player mod for GTA:SA) and when i start to lag really bad, my computer will restart…after i log back in it says:
    “Windows has recovered from a serious error”
    Can you tell me why its doing this please?


  • rafael says:

    hey i need help with my windows xp…

    ive read the post… one problem though, the computer restarts at about 10 seconds after logging in the current user. whats worse, it evens shuts itself down even when in safe mode.

    it shows multiply error messages before it restarts and it doesnt even wait for me to confirm…

    one of the messages i think says “cmd.exe cannot run because windows is shutting down” and the list goes on with a couple more “.exe’s”

    what could be possibly wrong? how can i fix this without reformatting my pc? i have important files in it… and i can’t even reach it…

    help is appreciated

  • XPStart says:

    I had the problem when the computer loaded to my desktop, it restarts. It can do this all day long and it’s so pain in the ass!

    I think if I use Windows Recovery Console, it might help. I used the Chkdsk command /p and i found several problems for my hard drive. So now, I’m trying Chkdsk /r to revocery it. I don’t know how well it goes but I’m hoping it goes well.

    Plus, I have multiple hard drive. My Windows installation is on G drive and my old Windows is on C drive. I think they make conflict with each other, I don’t know.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

  • Dawn says:

    Mine keeps restarting. I can’t get in safe mode, and when I put the windows cd in, it says can’t find NTDLR, or something like that. I’m not very technical when it comes to computers. Is my computer finished.

    Oh, and when I disable the automatic restart at the first sign of system failure, then I get a message: Insurmountable boot volume.

    So basically, even when I click on safemode, it restarts the computer, I can’t even get to the desktop, and the windows cd won’t work either.

    Can my computer be saved?

  • yatish says:

    Hi evrybdy
    my pc has been infected by ymxf2.exe cloaked malware. I’m unable to use Prevx too. can anyone help me out?

  • jim says:

    hardware defectiveness might be the cause…
    memory modules!!

  • Justin says:

    Hi guys
    I recently restarted my computer and got some weird screen showing “Inserting and index with id (numbers were something like 8000-10000) from $SII of file 9″ something along those lines and after a while the screen went away and now the computer is constantly restarting on its own untill i shut it off. I have about 10-20 seconds before it restarts once it hits the desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • yaksh says:

    not one but two of computers are doing the same thing. Both of them restart on its own. The last thing i did on both of them is the windows update from microsoft. One of them get to the desktop and then restarts. The other one stays on for like 20 minutes and then restarts.
    Any suggestions!

  • Barbie says:

    I have an XP Pro P4 computer that is shutting down after about 2 minutes UNLESS Windows Media Player is playing, then it will stay on for hours and not restart at all. I’ve tried numerous fixes, if anyone has a clue please share it. I’ve replaced power supply, processor fan, all fans are working, cleaned it, checked for viruses, etc. and changed the video card.

  • BHAIRAV says:

    Thanks so much for your advice, but my computer stills restarts everytime i try to start the registry. i think i have an advanced type spyware running on my computer that cant even be detected by antispyware,or what do you think?

  • malik says:

    when i turn on my computer it goes to gateway and keeps restarting plese help

  • Sam says:


    I unchecked the ‘Automatically restart’ box and yet it still restarts without going to the BSOD.

    I went to the PC Heath screen to check the temperature (when it restarted so to get a reasonably accurate temp for when it actually restarted itself) and here are the details it gave me:

    CPUv Core – 1.31v
    +3.3v – 3.28v
    +5v – 5.05v
    +12v – 11.58v

    CPU temp – 44*C
    System Temp – 36*C
    CPU Fan Speed – (fluxuating but between 2500 and 2560rpm)
    System fan speed – 0rpm

    Are these normal? If so what else could be the problem?

    It might be worth mentioning I consistantly get Microsoft Windows ‘The system has recovered from a serious error.’ reports, and when I click ‘Don’t Send’ another just appears…might not be a related issue but thought id mention it just in case.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Sok says:

    Help! My computer was infected by Adware to the point that it was impossible to do anything on there. So my bro formated my computer for me. After the reformatting, everytime it reaches the main desktop the computer restarts itself… what is wrong with my computer?

  • Remil says:

    I Really need help! when i turn on my computer a blak scree appears with all these letters and numbersand at the end it says hard draive error t hen there is two options. There was F1 system settings or F2 continue. Ipressed F2 then the computer just restarts and does the whole thing agian over and over. PLZ HELP!

  • Rabih says:

    Hey All
    I have the following problem with my pc. When I turn it on, a black screen shows after few seconds (before reaching my desktop) where I have the following options:
    1- Start Windows Normally
    2- Safe Mode
    3- Last Known Good Configuration.
    Whether I choose anything or not, the pc restarts and again reaches the same screen. And it keeps doing the same thing over and over again, and I can never get to my desktop. So I want to know what’s the problem and what could be done to fix it. Any Suggestions ?

  • Nadia says:

    My computer keeps restarting by itself and I have no idea why. I tried starting it normally but when I would log in, it would just restart before I could even get to the desktop. Sometimes I would get to the desktop and then it would just restart. I unchecked the automatic restart but it still keeps on happening. Any ideas on what’s wrong?

  • Andrew says:

    For the last few months I’ve been have a restart issue. It started when I restarted my machine the proper way through the shut down menu for a game I had just updated. When the machine began to bring itself back up, the mouse, keyboard, and monitor were never sent any information and never lit up. About forty five seconds in to the start up, just long enough for the machine to get through the bios checks and all, it shut down and restarted and repeated the behavior. I never got any visual recognition, no keyboard or mouse usage, nothing. Then, about twenty minutes of this later, the machine boots up just fine.

    I tried this over and over and each time it took the machine about ten-fifteen-twenty minutes to find itself and get going. When left on, no issues, so I left my machine on. Then along came a storm and shut down my PC. Now it’s doing the same thing again, but even when left to its business for 12-24 hours, the machine fails to find itself and actually reboots quicker and quicker as time progresses until it’s just “boot up shut down boot up shut down”.

    Here’s what’s been done since the issues started: New motherboard, new video card, new processor, new CPU, swaps in memory usage and placement (1 stick, two sticks, switch sticks, etc), hard drive unplugging and gradually rebuilding from boot drive up (C: only, C/D only, CDE only, etc) Monitor switches from the newer USB plug style to the old school style with the HUGE monitors that went like 1 ft deep in the desk.

    I’ve changed it all out and I’ve switched it all up and I’ve got NOTHING. While it ran I did several virus checks,trojan checks, spyware checks, registry cleanings, defragmentations. I just DON”T get it… I pretty much rebuilt my machine and it’s still having issues. As a graphic designer and digital photographer, this is MUY MALO… very bad….

  • Daleep says:

    thank for wirte a wonderful computer related article this article help me to short the my pc problem.

  • xMantaBladex says:

    I just bought myself a new sata hdd, because my old IDE Hdd was giving me problems. It used to restart on its own and make clicking noises. It eventually didn’t want to go on at all. Now with my new Hdd my computer keeps on halting when I begin to install a program, but not always. When Im on the net and browse through sites, all of a sudden it will just restart. Im thinking it could be that my pc gets to hot, but Im using a big fan near it to try to keep it cool. If someone knows what the problem could be, please tell me? Im really out of idea’s.

  • Ken C says:


    I was having the same problem with my computer rebooting randomly.

    Here was my fix:

    The wire that hooked up to the power button came loose. I simply pushed it back in and now the problem has gone away!

    Sometimes things are such easy fixes!!!

  • Joseph says:


    I just had the same problem of my computer continuously rebooting.
    I could not do anything to stop it.
    i could not even get to safe mode…

    so with a prayer i load a reboot cd and pressed the reset…

    it then gave me the opportunity to hopefully correct the problem.. which I did..

    thank GOD…

  • Nut says:

    Hi, I used to have the same problem as you guys. The first time it occurs was after I install windows update. And the second time it occurs after I insalled one of the transformation pack that transforms your comp into Windows 7. How can I fix it in the future w/o formatting my comp?

  • daneil says:

    my computer keeps on restarting by it self when it loads windows shutdown and restarts agian i tried yuing safemode but it doesnt work and i tried last config my moniter turns black what should i do


  • Nut says:

    If you can’t even boot in safe mode or any other modes, you have to reformat your comp and reinstall your Windows as well as all your programs – anti virus/anti spyware, archiving programs, games, media players, download managers, browser, etc…

  • Chuck says:

    “If you can’t even boot in safe mode or any other modes, you have to reformat your comp”

    How do you do this if you can’t even get the computer to stop rebooting?

    My computer will go into Windows occasionally but then restart AGAIN.

  • Sam says:

    i have the same problem my computer restarts when it gets to the desktop i got to the “BSOD” and the error said it was stuk in a continueos loop nv4_disp or someting like that i googled and downloaded the patches that were suggested but none of them have worked i have to run my comp in safe mode to do be able to d anything please help me!!

  • Nut says:

    If you can continue in safemode, then use the system restore feature if you had created the restorepoint before the problem occurs. But if you don’t have restorepoint, sorry youl have to reinstall your os.

  • Sam says:

    i fixd the problem or so i tought i unnistaled my nvidia graphics program and reinstalled the recomended one from the nvidia site it fixd the computer for a couple of days and now its doin it again is there anything else i could try without having to reinstall the os

  • Jose says:

    My computer keeps going into sleep mode after a while and tower light blinks when it goes in sleep mode and the monitor light turns yellow. I move the mouse or keyboard but nothing happened pls help me.

  • troubleantivirusguy says:

    my computer restarts when i try to run a antivirus scan…i tried downloading other antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware but the computer restarts immediatly without giving a chance to download them…i recently downloaded combofix but that did very little…what i mean by that is because the computer restart when i run combofix…i have no trouble downloading other stuff beside the antiviruses

  • Donna says:

    I have the virus Internet Security 2010. Found a fix on,but when I run the first part of the fix (the instruction state DO NOT REBOOT) it reboots w/o shutting doown. Running windows XP any suggestion?

  • sriram says:

    I do not even get a display,it just keeps on restarting with continously spaced beeps.
    everytime the comp restarts we hear the beep right.
    same thing is happening but over and over again.
    My geaphic card is a ati 4670.
    so then i put it on the motherborad port,still no hope.
    Can anybody help??

  • natalie says:

    I never get spam in my inbox so when I got an email from ups yesterday I assumed it was legit. I get packages all the time from them. The email said that there was an issue with the address and that I needed to fill out the form atatched to the email and take it up to ups to get the package. My email scanned it and there was no viruses. When I tried to open the document it asked if I wanted to run the software. I clicked yes without thinking. Ever since then my computer will restart for no reason. I think I may have downloaded a virus but I keep running my software to find it and it shows nothing is wrong. What should I do now??

  • Nut says:

    You had got a macro virus. Reformat your computer to fix it.
    Also, try boot into a bootable CD and delete the infected document and the broblem should go away. But try deleting the infected document first, if it don’t work, reformat your computer.

  • Nut says:

    One more note; I use to have the same problem with yours, but mine started after I use the Window Blinds crack thing, then my computer restarts repeatedly.
    Fixed by fresh reinstall of Windows XP; and now everything is up and running from nearly 3 days of downtime lol.

  • Richard in Lincolnshire says:

    Re: “Computer keeps restarting without warning”

    Hats off to Bryce Whitty for this intel and pointers.

    It is more than useful.

  • Pankaj says:

    My computer keeps restarting even before showing any display, I have been experienceing Melware issue last week. I can’t even go to safemode by pressing F8 it restarts even before it. Could anyone please suggest it is hardware problem or virus/melware related? Thanks

  • Grim Scythe says:

    My Pc is still restarting because i cant access the start menu, when it show the desktop i barely have enough time to click anything until it crashes, what should i do ???

  • Phil P says:

    Hi! Please help!

    We had a power cut today while I was using my PC.

    When the power came back, I switched my PC back on.

    It made it as far as the “user accounts” screen but the HDD LED was still flashing furiously so I just left it for a while without selecting an account to boot into, and after a minute or so it restarted all on its own – no shutdown message or anything – just as if I’d hard-rebooted.

    Since then I have let it try to reboot again and again and again and it just keeps doing it.

    If I select an account as soon as I see the user accounts screen, it doesn’t even finish booting into Windows before it restarts again and either way it’s 3 or 4 minutes into the booting process when it restarts itself again. (My PC takes ages to boot up anyway)

    It’s a hot-rodded dinosaur of a PC – an absolute monster spec when I first built it, but sadly dated albeit still usable (usually) now.

    Win XP Home.

    Any advice gratefully received!

  • Rajesh says:

    Hi guys im Rajesh, and i m getting many error when i start the my computer and mostly i see this error “the system has recovered very serious error”, if u have any solution about this plz help me bcz i m very tired to about my pc,

  • Asaki says:

    any time I’m watching a movie (dvd), a youtube or any other video, my computer restarts… why is this?

  • Nut says:

    If all of you still have a restart problem I recommended a reinstall of your computer, or buy a new one.
    I use to have a restart problem, the problem occurs when I log off from another user acount, then it just restarts.
    Fixed by reinstall my Windows XP last week and all was running fine.

  • siciliandefense21 says:

    Verytime I start to play a round of Unreal Tournament my computer restarts. it’s getting annoying HELP!!

  • Trina says:

    I run Windows XP. Last night I was updating some song information on my iTunes. I was also using Firefox (most recent version) to browse Amazon. The computer locked up and wouldnt respond to anything (Ctrl+Alt+Delete). I finally had to just turn it off. I know its not a good idea to just turn it off, but it sat for 15 minutes frozen and I didnt see I had any other choice.
    This morning, I decide to turn it on. I get the computer brand screen first, then the “Verifying Pool Data” screen, then the screen where I have an option to start Windows normally or in safe mode. I do nothing (because its on Start Windows Normally). It then goes to the Windows XP screen and I think all is good, but its not. It then starts over again with the computer brand screen, choose Windows start normally, Windows XP screen over and over and over again! Ugh!
    I tried to choose Windows in Safe Mode, but the keyboard and mouse no longer work so I cant do anything, but watch it go in circles.
    I have things on my computer I need that I didnt get backed up since my last backup.
    Can anyone help?

  • apr1515 says:

    OS; windows 7.
    my computer restarts on random time. I try it in safe mode but still restarts. I also try it in F10 when the computer just starts and still restarting. I can hear sound when it restarts. Its like snapping of fingers. please help me. E-mail me at

  • Cavan says:

    Please help my computer keep restarting by itself. and i already tried untick the “automatically restart” and it still restart. please email me at help pls

  • basit tanveer ahmed says:

    sir when i open my browser and browse any thing special on Facebook watching video the computer will restart automatically …. so what can i do
    plz tell me here is my id plz plz

  • Nut says:

    Please be bother to read my comments, I had already stated what to do. I will repeat for the last time.
    If you still having trouble with restart, check for viruses or reformat your computer, or repair your winxp. I use to have restart problems in the past, but now is gone.
    Same applies to win7 users, but I don’t know if Windows 7 setup will offer you repair option.
    Remember, after the repair, you have to reactivate your os.
    If you can at least boot into safe mode, use system restore. Don’t be afraid to use it because it is the same crap from Windows me, system restore is a lot better in Windows XP and later.

  • Ellis says:

    Heyy my computer Windows XP (not a laptop) starts up but when i click a user name , it just restarts ! I need an answer QUICK !!!

  • Victoria says:

    Hi my computer keeps shutting down every time I go into You tube or when I try and load ( Milk drop Visualisations in WINAMP.. Any help please?

  • gary says:

    Hi, Thank u very much for your help.

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  • Nut says:

    To all of you lot;
    If you still having problem with restart, repair your OS. If that still doesn’t work, reinstall it along with your av, browser, media player, desktop themes, patches, servicepacks, and bla bla bla of whatever you’ve installed.
    If you don’t want to reinstall all of that, slipstream them into Windows XP CD so when you install Windows XP it installs your av, media player, themes, drivers, product keys, browser, games, and etc…and your comps are ready to go.
    Like what I said, I use to have problems with restart but now it’s 100% gone. Also installing multiple versions of some programs like Jaws is not good because I tried with Jaws it gives me bsod in vmware and I have to recreate it.

  • clau says:

    but how do u do it with the laptop keep restarting even before the msn pop up???

  • erick says:

    hi!! i have a problem with my computer..i cant open it..the only thing that appear is the startup and it was “scrambled”..and i only use the built-in video card..can anyone help me??

  • Russ says:

    My pc was driving me crazy by shutting off without warning every few minutes. I googled information and saw someone say they bought spyhunter 4 and ran it and cleared up the mess. I have to say I did that and had 109 at risk files. It cleaned them and now pc runs faster and has not cut off again. Hope this information helps.

  • ali waqas says:

    my computer restarts just after 4 -5 seconds of the windows startup . when i use it in safe mode than its working fine but in normal mode it cant be usaed . some spy wares have been detected in my comp also

  • kiran says:

    when i m doing some work in computer, It is automatically restarting and giving some bad error, plz tell me how to solve this problem i m having OS winXP and 1gb RAM

  • vikas tyagi says:

    if i m playing game some time computer will work properly
    but today it will restart then again start computer then
    computer will automatically start


  • Edi says:

    Hello everyone , i am having PC problems it keeps restarting for no reason i have XP It restarts when i am ingame and when i am not but it restarts faster ingame than when i am doing nothing … I tried all of the above , i dont get a blue screen after i disabled auto it just restarts and i checked for cooling its 45C and the rotate is 2140rpm idk what to do plz respond, ty in forward

  • Nut says:

    @all guys
    Reinstall your os.
    Also installing multiple versions of programs is not good.
    About gaming problem…reinstall your os…you have a crap os…back up ur savegames first…

  • Nut says:

    Also for win7 users if you have a reboot issues then it’s maybe you probably use some kind of bad loader to activate…I recommended repair your os using win7cd…if it don’t work…reinstall it…your files will be move into a folder called windows.old…use something like das loader or removewat or use a genuine key…
    Also if you are tired of installing every programs…use vlite for win7 or nlite for winxp to slipstream apps into the install disk…

  • Becky says:

    I use Windows XP Professional at work and on certain computers occassionally the computer flashes the words “entering power save mode” and then restarts itself. We have checked the power save setting and they are all turned off. What else could the problem be?

  • Nut says:

    Reinstall Windows. That’s the only way to solve it. Back up all computers first.
    Or upgrade to Windows 7 cos I’ve having stability issues with Windows XP and after upgrading it’s gone until now even it’s one month since the installation hint: apply all stability fixes from MS not security fixes.
    Or final choice: Replace all computers in your company with the new ones…your pcs are probably too crap…

  • vlad says:

    I fixed mine.Had same problem.If u have any exteernal hard drives plugged in,UNPLUG them computer and pull out the connection that goes into the internal HARD drive and plug it in again make sure its all turned off.Turn comp on and qickly turn off at power point.Turn on again and you will get a revovery screen.Do what the comp suggests.

  • Monique says:


    Having trouble with viruses lately, so I tried to install Microsoft security essentials (t seems to be working well on my laptop). In the process of doing this I had to remove the other AV program that I had running. When I tried to update Microsoft SE. It would not update. Then my computer automatically rebooted. Now, it won’t actually start up – in any mode. As soon as I get to the Microsoft starting page – it reboots. What can I do???

  • Quinton says:

    Need Help.

    Have been running windows 7 for a while now, got a good PC, but abt 2days ago it just went off now it boots up for about 20 seconds then it switches off again, even wen DEL is pressed to check CPU temperature. brought up a message a few times saying overclocking failed, but i have neva overclocked the CPU before no need to its sufficient for me Core 2 DUO(2.8ghz). Tried checkin Ram, not that!

    If anyone can help me with this problem would be much appreciated.


  • Quinton says:

    Please if you could email me.


  • debby says:


    can you please tell us how we can get into the recovery or repair if we dont have the cd?
    the computer i have was given to me and of course no disks were given. i have been having the same problem as the others above with the restarts. thanks

  • greentech07 says:

    Fix Registry Problems

    fix Incompatible DLLs installed

    fix Corrupted Hard Disk Drive
    you can do this by using reginout cleaner

  • Zaba says:

    Hey, I have a problem with a Samsung R530 laptop running Windows 7 which keeps restarting itself. I’ve tried System Restore, scandisk (no issues), restoring the BIOS to factory settings and have formatted both compartments on the hard disk (several times). After reinstalling Windows, the laptop seems to work fine until it’s shut down. Upon restarting, it goes back into the reboot cycle.

    Sometimes it doesn’t even make it to the desktop, sometimes it crashes after about 5 minute’s use. I can restart succesfully in Safe Mode, which allowed the format.

    I’ve ruled out overheating and battery/AC issues. Someone who’s apparently good with computers suggested removing the little battery by the processor for a few minutes, but this has had no effect (good or bad). Any suggestions? Thanks for any advice in advance.