Ballmer on Windows 7

by Lee

An interview with Steve Ballmer has been posted at He says that the next Windows operating system, Windows 7, will be like Vista but a lot better.

“Windows Vista is good, Windows 7 is Windows Vista with clean-up in user interface [and] improvements in performance. Look, I’m not encouraging anybody to wait, I’d go ahead and deploy it right away. We didn’t have to go in an incompatible direction to make big strides forward,” he said.

“There’s no reason to do just, quote, a minor release, in two-and-a-half years,” he added.


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Comments (6)

  • gunslinger says:

    So, what I have been saying sense talks of Windows 7 first started has been confirmed by Steve Ballmer himself. All Windows 7 is going to be is Vista with a few of the bugs worked out. Basically Vista SP2 and they will charge for it.

    The scary thing is people will go out and buy this crap.

  • I guess charging for service packs works for Apple so why not MS?
    Then again he isn’t a technology person, so what does he know.

  • gunslinger says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen Apple charge for a SP.

  • compudoc says:

    no, but apple will charge you 2000 for an imac, that a 900 dell will do….lol

  • gunslinger says:

    The iMac is an AIO (All In One ) lets compare it to the Dell One. Same type of product. Ah, the prices come real close then don’t they?

    If you are going to compare OEM to OEM compare the same type of computer.

  • Chris Hayes says:

    Latest intelligence, Windows 8 should be released in two years. One of Microsofts subsidiaries leaked out the awaited liberation date over the weekend. Lets trust it observes the Windows 7 development process.We do not want to receive another Vista debacle