April Fool’s Day Spam

by Lee

The Reigster posted a report that the people behind the Storm Worm botnet have released a spam campaign to take advantage of the April Fool’s Day event. Their emails contain files with filenames such as foolsday.exe, kickme.exe, and funny.exe. One of the subject lines of the emails that they sent is “April Fool’s Day”.

Trend Micro said on their report that these people used the first image that shows up on Google Images when people type in the keywords “April Fools”.

Their last campaign was a few weeks before Valentine’s Day. The article notes that their goal is to infect new computers which will become part of a larger botnet.

Source: The Register

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Comments (2)

  • Abby says:

    The files contain something harmful and could infect our computer?…If so, I’ll be more careful receiving email. This is the worst part that I hate from April Mop.

  • Wii Boy says:

    A post on 1st April about a potential April fools virus. Is that what they call a self fulfilling prophecy!