Apple Boot Camp 2.1.1

by Lee

A new update has been released for Boot Camp which is a software that enable Intel-chipped Macs to run a Windows operating system.

This new version fixes bugs and one of the main features of it is that it supports the upcoming third service pack for Windows XP.

A software called Parallels which function very similar to Boot Camp has sold its millionth copy. This news was released before the Boot Camp update.

Users should download this new version if they are planning on installing Service Pack #3 for Windows XP.

Source: Half Life Source

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Comments (3)

  • heath says:

    whats the point of owning a mac if your going to run windows? if i wanted a 1100 dollar windows laptop id go buy a dell and get more ram, more harddrive a bigger screen and tons of lame bloatware ie windows vista premium.

  • I love my Macbook Pro. Since I have both Windows and Mac clients, I am able to help both with 1 laptop. I run OS X Leopard and Windows Vista Ultimate on it.

    Windows users are always confused when I pull out a Mac laptop but when they see Vista they’re impressed that I can do both. And Mac clients are surprised that a “PC” company has a Mac laptop. It has paid for itself in the respect that I get from both camps.

  • gunslinger says:

    I completely agree with Computer Networking on this one and I use my Macbook the same way. I dual boot OS X and XP Pro SP3.

    Also I have to add that my version of XP I have cleaned and lightened up a lot with Nlite.

    This makes for the most versatile computer you can have. It can run any program Mac or PC.