A Peek At Other Computer Technicians Workbenches #3


A work bench is something that most Computer Technicians will need and checking out other Computer Technicians workbenches is a great way to get inspiration for our own setups. Even if you have already completed your own workbench, it is nice to see how other technicians are doing it. We haven’t done one of these in a while (#1, #2) so it is time for #3 in our Computer Technicians workbenches series.





This is a few pictures of our shop… And yes before you ask that is the same stuff they use on metal roof tops. We cut it down and made it the front of the counter, the added benefit is that we put magnet backs on our cards and people just take them when they want them.. People love the fact they can see us working on their computers.



I’ve always worked out of a spare bedroom in my house but 4 months ago my 2nd child was born and it was decided by my wife and I that the office should be given to my older son and turned back into a bedroom and the youngest have the older sons current bedroom.

In my garden I have a brick outhouse that has been used as a shed. It’s not the biggest space in the world (10 foot x 6 foot) but as the majority of my work is carried out on site I don’t need a huge area so I decided to have it converted to an office.




Local Circuit

Moved to a new location this year, built it all the cabinets and benches, and put up some new signage. Getting ready to launch a new website at the end of the month as well.




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A special thank you to all those who sent in pictures if their workbenches. If you would like to show off your own setup, please send the pictures to tips[at]technibble.com

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Comments (4)

  • Teknyka Tech Support says:

    Great pics – thanks for sharing!

    We had an unused garage and converted it into a computer repair shop. Luckily we live on a busy street so we get a lot of walk-ins. See our Canby computer repair shop on YouTube.

    We specifically designed and built everything in the shop for fast computer repairs. The bench is very wide and waist high so it’s easy to stand and work. High swivel chairs allow us to rest when needed. Two screens/kb/mouse are each connected to 4 port KVM switches. There are 10 electrical outlets and lots of surge protectors. A 24 port gigabit switch plus a wireless router give us all the network connections we need. An 8TB Drobo (encrypted) is used for backups and we have lots of shelf space and plenty of bins to keep everything in order.

  • Keystroke Repaid and Diagnostic says:

    Gotta admit these are some really nice photos. The video Teknyka put up is very impressive. I like organization and you seem to be very organized with your peripherals. Much success to you man.

  • Peter A says:

    I wouldnt be game enough to put a pic of mine up. Its a disaster area! But I know where every item is! ..I think