A Peek At Other Computer Technicians Workbenches

It doesn’t matter whether you work on 30 computers per day or just 1, a work bench of some something that almost every computer technician needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the work benches of some of our forum members. Its a great way to get some inspiration for your own setup and even if you have already completely setup your workbench, its nice to see how others are doing the same thing differently.

So here we go:

C6Gunner tells us that his workshop is located in his houses mechanical room. “It’s very cramped, but nonetheless functional. In the first pic you can see my workbench, and in the second, my utility table. I fabricated a short hose that I connect to the central vac port (blue thing) to clean computers.

The only drawback so far is that because my furnace is in that room, it gets pretty hot in the summer (my furnace runs all year round as it heats my water and my in-floor heating). To remediate that, I use a fan to get a breeze going.”


Chicky tells us that this is her work area when she is not onsite. The clean area is her side the other is her coworker. “He is a male so guess he has the excuse to be not so tidy”.



CDavis: This is CDavis’s desk which also doubles as his work area.


Cadishead Computers:

PR Tech:
“We try to run our shop almost like a doctor’s office. It is pretty clean and neat. We get a lot of client comments on how nice the shop is kept. I think people appreciate that we are handling their equipment like it is our own.”

“I have been working out of my garage since fall 08. I dressed it out to make a good impression for clients who come here. it is really comfortable for me and I can have a few different machines cooking at the same time. (Love my pegboard) I am thinking about taking a storefront in the next few weeks and will hope to pretty much duplicate what I have at home.”

Your Pictures

Thanks to all those who shared pictures of their workbenches with us. I plan to have a part two of this article so if you have any pictures of your own work bench you would like to share, please send them to me at: tips [at] technibble [dot] com

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Bryce is an Australian computer technician and the founder of Technibble. He started his computer repair business when he was 17 years old and is still running it 9 years later. He is an avid traveller and spends at least a month of the year in another country.

Comments (28)

  • iisjman07 says:

    I’m amazed at how tidy most of your benches are! If I get the chance I might take a picture of my work area and scare the life out of you all ;)

  • Richard says:

    @ PR Tech
    Very nice!!!

  • Heh, I wonder how messy some of the workbenches are from those of us who choose *not* to share what’s going on behind the scenes!

    For those who have water heaters and sump pumps nearby, just make sure there’s no significant risk of damage from any flooding or leaking.

  • jross says:

    I laughed when I saw the central vac unit directly above the desk G6Gunner. Hope nobody decides to vacuum the when you are on the phone with a trouble client.

    I have the luxury of space which is not necessarily a good thing. My problem is more one of privacy as my office is set up in a large open space which my two girls and spouse also inhabit. I have a small station in my garage where I retreat to when things get out of control with screaming, fighting girls.

  • Doug says:

    May I say that I welcomed this article as it is always in our best interest to learn and grow in all areas. Unfortunately learning is best done in a positive way and the words of Chicky, “He is a male so guess he has the excuse to be not so tidy” are less than positive and should not have entered this discussion. Please take back those words and let’s not enter into gender-bashing or any other. To be quite frank we all know of people on both sides of the “fence” who are messy, sloppy, careless, or whatever. This type of comparison does not aid in the learning process. That being said, I’m looking at what will be shared and wanting to learn from others.

  • andy says:

    this stuff is cool, gives me an idea using wood panels, for easy cable hidding for wall mounted lcds, my office is moving soon and we are always looking for new office set ups. sweet!!! CV!

  • jross says:

    Geez Doug, lighten up. We are all friends here and I am sure Chicky meant no serious slight. I say you should get over it. It made me laugh.

    I’m guessing she was trying to guilt her co-worker into cleaning up. No harm in that.

  • Jonathan S says:

    Doug, if that’s your attitude it makes me question whether your work environment has allowed you to take things a bit more lightly around coworkers, and whether anything is ever said in jest. As jross said, I doubt Chicky meant any true malice or slander towards her own coworker.

    And really, the concept of “learning is best done in a positive way” is overrated because a lot of the times as techs we learn through the negative ways, such as when we mess up, or when a customer starts yelling at us.

    I think if techs here are mature enough, they can judge for themselves what they consider appropriate at the workplace, and if Bryce is going to quote her on that specific line, I’m sure he’s placed some thought into it as well.

    Nobody is preventing you from learning your way. I also say you should get over it.

  • Internet Age says:

    Hiya Guys!

    I feel rather than getting into arguments we need to admire what little space some folks have to work in, and what nice space some other people have. I like rags to riches stories, and what would be really nice to see are the current workspaces of these various people in a couple of year’s time.

    In any case, hats off to all the guys for submitting their pics, it is cool to see how others do it.

  • bob says:

    I used to manage a shop, we also did tv repair so it wasn’t easy to keep it clean. There’s a lot of dust etc.

    But your work area says a lot about you as a tech. I used to be a telecommunications tech with AT&T. You could tell what kind of tech a person was just by looking inside their truck.

    If it was neat & clean then they were good techs.
    the ones with messy trucks were the ones that we got complaints from customers. They did sloppy work or would leave behind trash at the customer’s prem.

  • Doug says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. That was not what I meant at all. I’m a pretty positive and fun-loving guy. Guess I was reacting instead of responding since we are living in a male bashing culture. No harm was meant and I became too wordy so it seemed I was angry. I should have just asked a simple question instead. Apologies to all. My attitude is great and I hope we can learn from positive personal comments, which is what I meant not negative or positive work situations. Yeah, I do learn lots from the positive and negative situations thrown at us by life.

  • Doug says:

    Does a clean work area mean you are a good tech or just that you are the type of personality that likes a clean and orderly area? I’ve seen clean orderly techs who were not able to do the work that was required of them. Has anyone read The Birth Order book? It’s a fun look and poke at all of us, with the ordered in-control first-borns, the “rebellious” middle-borns, and the sometimes messy but fun-loving last-borns. My own work area has become messy or disordered now that I hardly use it. Sounds strange maybe, but with business growing and most of my work done on-site, I rarely get a chance to even spend much time in the shop area.

  • Les says:

    My number tip is check list for each PC/Laptop on the wall above with pen attached.

    We don’t all have the luxury of one large workstation.
    Sometimes not even in the same room.

    One shop I worked for hand four stations in three rooms.
    He moaned his sales covered the service side loses till we set up separate accounting and I was making the bulk of the profit.

    I also disagree that the tidier the Tech the better he is.
    I think the extreme of either will hinder anybody

    Now I work out of 6′ X 8′ bedroom.

    More money less hours


  • @pr tech it is very good managed and very well organized service station.

  • I like to keep as clean as possible due to the amount of little parts that can be lost in the whole mess. Computer cables are difficult to keep nice and tidy on a consistent basis so I use a wireless keyboard and mouse when troubleshooting customers computers – that leaves just the power, monitor, and network cable hanging from the back and is nice and tidy up in front.

  • LDCVillar Compuwares says:

    PRtech i admire your work area compared to mine it’s a real mess i’m hoping to clean my area these days i’ll have a before and after

  • you guys are really organized

  • Jonathan S says:

    @ Doug: ha! I knew you were a positive and fun loving guy =)

  • Sinny says:

    Boy I wish my camera wasn’t broken. I would love to send in some pics. My shop is sectioned off into 4 areas. As you walk in you would notice the conference room. After all repairs we set the customers machine up in here so they can sit down and play before they pay. That way I can make sure they are happy with the work. Once you go into the main area I have what we call “the virus bench” Computers checked in go here first and get a good scan down if they are capable. Once that is done they move into my office for fine tuning and finishing touches. In the same room as the Virus bench is the station we use to build new machines. It is quarantined off and is kept a bit cleaner than the rest of the shop. The last area is for hardware diagnostics and testing as well as data recovery. I have 2 machines dedicated to this. I get a lot of recovery work. Its not a clean room or anything but enough to get info off a drive. I am setting up an experimental station now where I freeze drives to recover data. Believe it or not this works fairly well. I think I am just going to go get a camera and show you. I like to show off my shop. ;)

  • Puttsy says:

    I used to do computer repairs, oddly enough around the same time that I worked at a small computer shop in my town. I’ll still do the occasional fix however, After my original work area flooded (Love the basements in 100+ year flood plains) I set up a 17 foot counter top/workbench along my homes far basement wall. It saw 3 computer builds of my own but since I started living on campus an hour drive from home my great computer repair desk became home to my Full size Yamaha keyboard (There goes about 5 foot) Two personal workstations (Yes, on the desk due to it being a damp carpeted basement floor) (There goes another 1.5 ft) and, of course, my 26″ Asus monitor and “School monitor: 20″ Viewsonic” (- another 3′ including the speakers that rest immediately beside them, however NOT on /in the monitor. 2 completely separate items). IT also became home to an older TV (Take out another couple feet) And a printer and my computer workdesk became my stuff and repairs have begun to happen on my coffee table in front of my 2 couches in the “Mancave”. So I would offer up some photos but few actual machines have been worked on at my actual work desk…

  • Jacob Brown says:

    yea, without a good workbench it takes alot longer to get anything done, it’s best to have all the tools right there. traveling to site to do the work doesn’t really help much there, but yea – highly recommend a good work area where you have everything you need readily available.

  • ab says:

    What I have found is that “really good” computer techs are not that orderly.

  • I’m amazed at how tidy most of your benches are! If I get the chance I might take a picture of my work area and scare the life out of you all ;)

  • Its amazing how many of us are working out of small rooms and/or garages. We have been working out of a garage for 5 years. We have just started construction on a new office and when complete, will have photographs of our garage hanging on the walls to remind us where every great computer tech gets started. I love the pics. Keep up the good work everyone.

  • pc help says:

    Only PR Tech workbenches are tidy :)

  • I’ve spent way too much money on my setup. Base cabinets, kitchen counter tops, hole grommets, the whole 9 yards. I’ll have to take a picture of it one day and send it in for the next “tech workbench” article :)

  • Todd Hein says:

    A workshop in a garage, hmmm, you must live in a warm climate. that would never work here in Minnesota, I can just see it working on computers wearing a snowmobile suit when it is -10 outside. :)

  • Ed Cantrell says:

    I agree with those that say most of these pictures are for PR only. Most real computer techs are really not that organized. My work bench is about 10 feet, with other work benches cluttered with tools and test equipment. I do have lots of space to spread out and work on several systems at the same time. Where are the tools and all the necessary test equipment to actually do some work. Most of these areas I see here are personal work ares, like setting at the computer in front of your desk in a small room and browsing the internet. Very few of these even look real and are definitely not work shops. Sorry, but most are staged to look good.