99% OFF Hostgator Web Hosting Coupon – Huge Discounts from My Favorite Web Host


Yesterday, the popular domain registrar and web host Godaddy went offline for several hours taking down millions of websites with it. It was originally believed the outage was caused by a Denial of Service attack launched by a hacking group but later turned out to be “corrupted router tables“.

Needless to say a lot of people are upset with Godaddy (including a good amount of Technibble forum members) and because of this Hostgator are capitalizing on this situation and are offering a 99% OFF coupon that will bring the price of hosting to 1 cent per month for 6 months!

To take advantage of this, head over to Hostgator HERE and order a hosting package using the coupon code: godaddyisdown


I have always recommend Hostgator as a web host and have mentioned them many times in various Technibble articles over the years. I have been using them myself for many of my own sites since about 2005 and their servers have always been rock solid with fantastic support. In fact, during one of a the few times I actually needed to use their support, it turns out that the support representative was a Technibble member and recognised my name from Technibble (felt slightly famous for a second).

Hostgator, even at full price, are well worth it and there really isnt an excuse not to try them out with this fantastic deal. If you find they are not for you, they offer a 45 day money back guarantee so it is also risk free.


Bryce Whitty

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Comments (12)

  • Jarrod says:

    Just did this, transferred 2 domains over. Been thinking about it for a while anyway. Thanks for the tip!

  • Sarah says:

    Did the offer expire; it is still showing full price for service when I enter code.

  • Matt says:

    Just been told it’s no longer valid by Hostgator. that were quick.

  • elcompudoctor says:

    Man I can’t believe I missed out on this. It was 1 am when this was posted on twitter :( oh well.

  • Paul says:

    Yeah. Just checked it out. No longer working

  • Paul says:

    Gotta love it. Write an article about Hostgator, about a great deal. Some get the discount some don’t. Advertising shown under article by AdChoices (Go Daddy) LOL

  • Bryce Whitty says:

    Damn, sorry guys. Didn’t think it would expire that quick.

  • Michael Paxton says:

    This coupon has expired per tech support. I signed for 6 month hosting. I have business acct. This hosting is amazing with an amazing price! GOODBYE GODADDY!!! #attack #AnonymousOwn3r

  • Doug says:

    This is a bit ironic. Many Hostgator websites were also down because they were reselling or outsourcing to GoDaddy servers. in the end, “the cloud” is foggy because of lack of information. In real life, data does actually reside on computers – – not clouds.

  • Matt says:

    Man, I’m really bummed out that I missed this. Should have got out of bed at 3 AM when I read this e-mail to sign up really quick.

  • mamk says:

    i had a hosting account at hosting24.com web hosting company , i have used the coupon code specialdeal
    so i got 2$ discount each month with a free domain, the original prices and the prices after discount are summered in this pictureso i have registered for 1 month with with the silver plan ,i payed(5.84$) , and after the month ended they send me a 50% special discount ,which will make me pay 29.04$ for a year of web hosting >and they said that it is for limited time only see the picture
    i do not know how much long this offer is going ,but paying 29.04$ web hosting a year plus a free domain name ,it is quite remarkable >

  • Jon says:

    I resell Hostgator and am happy to do some good deals for people….let me know if you are interested…Bryce , please remove this post if it is not appropriate.