How the Computer Business Kit v3 Will Save You Money

Published 29th July 2014 By Bryce Whitty
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When I created the new Computer Business Kit version 3, my goal was to deliver so much value that it simply pays for itself over and over. You have already seen a glimpse of the computer business forms and their PDF versions in my last post.

The Business Kit has lists of parts suppliers, marketing templates and stock photography. All of this is designed to save you time. Now I want to show you how the Computer Business Kit v3 will save you money.

I have complied a list of some of the top computer technician products that the new Business Kit has coupons for. It includes the name, the full price, the discounted price and how much you saved. Check it out:

Discounts in the CBKv3


With the savings you get with some of these products, its almost like getting the Computer Business Kit for free. With some products like D7II, this is an exclusive discount and there is currently no other location offering a discount this deep. Additionally, this discount of 35% OFF is per YEAR, not just a once off. If you purchased the D7II 5 Tech license and used it for 5 years, you would have saved a whopping $735.

The Instant Housecall discount is also per year so if you were with Instant Housecall for 5 years on the Professional plan, you would have saved $1000!

If you had your eye on any of these higher ticket items and you bought the Computer Business Kit v3 first, you would be ahead instantly; and it would only take a few of the lower priced items to have totally made your money back.

Even if you already have your paperwork, systems, legal and marketing sorted, I believe the discounts alone makes the Computer Business Kit v3 worth the $99 sale price (and the $29 upgrade price for version 2 owners).

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Should You Risk Recovering Data Yourself? or Should You Outsource It?

Published 25th July 2014 By Micah Lahren
Hard Drive Data Recovery

It happens often. Many customers don’t view their machines with the view that at any time, their data storage hardware could fail. They don’t schedule a backup, and when their hard drive does fail or has issues, you’re called up to recover the data. There are many good tools for recovering data from a failing hard drive, and we’ve covered those in the past. The question is, at what point do you decide either not to do the data recovery at all, or to give up trying to recover the data because you’re having issues accessing it?

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Fill & Sign Computer Technician Forms on a Tablet

Published 23rd July 2014 By Bryce Whitty

I would like to to show you something we have been working on for quite some time. We will soon be releasing version 3 of our popular Computer Business Kit and one of the new features is the ability to fill and sign the forms on tablets. In this short 5 minute video, I show you how this can be done and how you could use it while onsite at a clients location.

Keep Me Informed

If you would like to be notified when we release version 3 of the Computer Business Kit, please enter your details on THIS PAGE. We will send you an email when it is released.


Computer Business Kit v2 Owners

We added a ton of extra value to version 3 (not just the PDF forms), so there will be a small upgrade price for owners of version 2. It will be well worth it.



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ManualsLib: End Your Search for Computer & Hardware Manuals

Published 18th July 2014 By Paul Apking Manuals Library

Ever had the need to find a manual for a job but couldn’t find it? Losing a manual happens all the time when it’s something that isn’t used on a regular basis. Using Google or another search engine takes time to sort through all the results which is a waste of precious time most of us don’t have…ManualsLib to the rescue!

ManualsLib is a vast resource of knowledge for  all technicians. It’s a huge repository of manuals that can be saved in different ways. Using the online database, techs can search for lost manuals using multiple queries but the most efficient way is to use the model number of the product.

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Fab’s AutoBackup 5 Pro Review

Published 14th July 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
Fab's AutoBackup 5 Pro Software Review

Fab’s AutoBackup 5 Pro is the newest version of Fab’s AutoBackup and includes some brand new features that make it a must have for most computer repair technicians. I’ve reviewed the program and it’s fantastic.

Bryce wrote an excellent review of Fab’s Autobackup 4. The key function of this program is the ability to migrate user profiles and settings from an old installation of Windows into a new installation. This is especially handy when upgrading a client computer or backing up before doing the infamous “nuke and pave” to fix malware or other Windows problems.

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How to Network For Referrals as a Computer Technician

Published 11th July 2014 By Dave Greenbaum
Business Networking

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been established for a while, you’ll soon find out the importance of networking with others in the business community. Here are some ways to help your business grow through networking.

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Why You Should Use Flat Rate Pricing as a Computer Technician

Published 8th July 2014 By Micah Lahren
Flat Rate Pricing

There’s no doubt about it, pricing strategies can make or break any service business. Rates that are too low will reflect badly on your services as well as probably leave you with unpaid bills and potential bankruptcy. Rates that are too high can chase customers away and give you a bad reputation. Have you considered converting your rates over to flat rate pricing completely? What are the benefits of flat rate pricing, especially for the computer repair industry? Let’s take a look at four main benefits of flat rate pricing.

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How To Find High Paying Computer Repair Clients

Published 2nd July 2014 By Micah Lahren
high paying

We’ve all probably had customers from the full range of clients, from those who let you finish the job and refuse to pay anything, to clients who receive the bill and then proceed to give you a large tip, perhaps 50% more of your invoice, because they’re so impressed with your work. Advertising plays a part, but you need selective advertising, a professional aspect, attention to your services, among other things. How can you find those really good clients? Even more importantly, how can you find high paying long term clients?

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Focusing Exclusively on Residential Computer Repair Clients

Published 1st July 2014 By Dave Greenbaum

While many technicians start with residential clients and have aspirations to graduate from them, there are some distinct advantages to staying within that business model. Moving from residential break-fix into corporate managed services isn’t your only career path.

Ric wrote a few weeks ago about why he fired his residential computer repair clients. While everything with what he said is true, there’s a whole other side of this work. Here are the reasons I focus on residential clients.

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Turn Simple Jobs Into Marketing Opportunities

Published 28th June 2014 By Micah Lahren
marketing opportunities

Many computer repair customers come into the shop or call you to fix a relatively simple issue, and you could fix the issue, hand them an invoice, get paid, and leave. You could also turn that simple job into a marketing opportunity. Handing them a business card is a start, but you could go even further and earn more on that same job by creating marketing opportunities. Here are some tips to turn a simple job into an opportunity to earn more on that job as well as perhaps even start a referral network starting with that customer. Make a checklist out of these and put it where you can refer to it easily and inconspicuously every time you deal with a customer, or commit the steps to memory.

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